This is a message from the Athletic Department at Delton Kellogg Schools regarding Executive Order 176 and spectator information.

    Delton Kellogg will be issuing 2 admission tickets to each participant of an athletic contest. Coaches and game workers are included in the participant group and will be given two admission tickets as well.

    The individual game ticket will need to be brought to the contest(s) and turned in at the ticket gate along with the $5.00 admission fee. The admission fee must be exact change as there will be no change given back at any of our ticket gates.

    You MUST have an admission ticket to be allowed into the venue. 

    We will adjust this process as additional Executive Orders dictate. Your cooperation with this process is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and Go Panthers!!


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    The Athletic Department would like to thank those who contributed the use of their photos.  A special thank you to Mr. Mike Wertman, Mr. Jeff Baurs, Mrs. Jessica Broussard and the High School Yearbook Students.


Football Field Photo Credit Jeff Baurs