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  • About Us

    The Delton-Kellogg School District serves families in Allegan and Barry counties encompassing 114 square miles. Delton-Kellogg has one elementary, one middle, one high school and one alternative high school located on the same campus overlooking Crooked Lake.

    Required Notices — 2021-2022

  • District Beliefs

    Belief #1: We Believe Our Schools Should Create Quality Learning Opportunities for All

    What We Will See:

    • Learners knowing what will be learned and what learning it well will look like.
    • Communication regarding growth and change toward common goals and expectations.
    • Opportunities for the learner, or group of learners, to correct learning through self-evaluation.
    • A safe and trusting environment to take risks.
    • Personal relevance in all learning situations.
    • Learners continuing to grow, seeking current best knowledge and practices and running these practices through the use of screens. (Independent life long learners)
    • Predominantly clarifying questions being asked when processing learning.
    • Learners being given multiple opportunities through different modalities to show what they’ve learned and to discover what they have yet to learn.

    Belief #2: We Believe All Relationships Should Be Built Upon Respect and Responsibility


    What We Will See:

    • Courtesy
    • Diplomacy
    • Active listening
    • Asking questions for clarifications
    • Skillful discussion
    • Giving others the benefit of the doubt


    What We Will See:

    • Commitment to the vision, beliefs, and processes of the organization
    • Kind confrontation of unaligned behaviors
    • Ownership: doing what we say we are going to do
    • Open-mindedness
    • Meaningful dialogue

    Belief #3: We Believe Our School Should Reflect Leadership Which Builds Consensus, Ownership, and Accountability

    What We Will See:

    • Clearly defined vision
    • Expectations and roles well clarified
    • All responsible for accountability
    • Consensus: All stakeholders able to influence setting of organizational goals
    • Ownership: All stakeholders acting to achieve vision, mission, and outcomes of organization
    • Accountability: All stakeholders committed to holding themselves and others accountable
    • Trusting communication