Professional Development

Teacher Evaluation and Training Deadlines

  1. Compliance Videos- Sept. 10

  2. Teacher Self-Assessment- Sept. 30

  3. SLOs- Sept. 30

  4. Professional Goal- Sept. 30

  5. Individual Development Plan- Sept. 30

The self-assessment, professional goal, and individual development plan can be completed at the Standard For Success (SFS) website- This is also where pre- and post-observation forms need to be filled out once your formal observation is scheduled. 3. Individual Development Plans (IDP)- For probationary teachers, IDPs can be completed in Standard For Success.

Below is the link for the SLO (Student Learning Objective) Template. Further down this page are more resources on how to create an SLO- 

Remote Learning Resources

Continuity of Learning Plan Guidance for Teachers- This has the weekly lesson plan template within it.

Remote Learning Resources for Teachers

Professional Development Resources

SLO, PLC, NWEA Resources

Evaluation Tool


Curriculum Resources

Curriculum Map Work