Technology Services

The goal of the technology department is to help equip and support teachers and students to excel in the increasingly technical and competitive world of the future.

Internet Safety

Always make sure your child/student is using the internet in an area where you can monitor activity and that he/she is using approved websites.
Always make sure they do not give out ANY personal information, such as name, phone number, photograph, address, school, etc.
Have your child understand that if they come across any information that is not appropriate that they will tell you right away.

Tech Tip

Use Google to check for plagiarism — Just type the phrase in question in the search box at Google, enclosing it in quotation marks. This will tell Google to look for the entire phrase rather than each word regardless of order.

4 Ways to Submit a Technology Request!

  • Simply email: — This is the quickest and easiest way to submit a ticket!

  • Navigate to: — You can track your ticket status here too!

  • Call SW MiTech Help Desk at (269) 250-9280

  • Online Chat