School Curriculum

Delton Kellogg Board of Education has adopted the KC4, Kent County Collaborative Curriculum, for use in the Delton Kellogg District. The KC4 assists the district to bring about systemic school reform that leads to student achievement. The KC4 curriculum combines and embeds the latest research and development in curriculum design, assessment, alignment, instruction, and classroom management. All standards, standard analyses, assessments and resources are the collaborative product of educators form local school districts.

A model curriculum, KC4, integrates national/state standards and local expectations in creating high performance core academic standards to be achieved by all students at elementary, middle and secondary school levels. Development of assessments at a mastery level for exit, program, and unit standards are part of the process. The teacher-driven model curriculum is expanded, adapted, or adopted to meet local needs through classroom validation. Fundamental basics of KC4 implementation include: high expectations for students; clarity & focus of instruction; alignment of K-12 curriculum; expanded learning opportunities; or in other words… SUCCESS FOR ALL.

The Delton Kellogg School district has a District Core Team that guides curricular recommendations to the Board of Education, creates professional development plans and provides focus and input to completing the District School Improvement Plan. The District Core Team is made up of representatives from each building (Building Core Chairpersons), chairpersons from each K-12 committee/department (ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Industrial Arts, Health/PE, Counseling/At-Risk and Special Education), administrators, student representatives, parent representatives, a board member and the superintendent.